Oakhurst History

On 18th September 2017, Dr_Oracle began berating Orinnari over Oakhurst, a perceived insult to Southshire and its council. Orinnari attempted to clarify some of Dr_Oracle’s claims but to no avail. Dr_Oracle then stated his demands: 1) Admit that Oakhurst is silly, 2) Permit an Empty Promises phonebooth within Oakhurst, and 3) Give reparations of 3 Oak Logs. In a direct message, Orinnari offers to explain the history of Oakhurst and its creation in return for Dr_Oracle putting whatever issues he had to bed. He agreed and after having read it, agreed to let go and that he was misled by members of the Southshire council. Below is that history.

Okay, so this is the timeline to the best of my memory as of this moment. I may have missed some things out or made mistakes, because I’m going to be talking about events that began over a month ago.

Roughly five weeks ago, around the 15th of August, the events surrounding Mami began to heat up. We didn’t know much in the beginning, but from the limited communication we could do in game, the basics were there. Mami was pearled by a mercenary hired by ThePayman at the request of a foreign king. Seeming that Mami was a Southshire citizen and in Southshire territory at the time of his pearling, we were understandably outraged.

The real investigation started when we took it out of Minecraft and into Discord, because trying to have any kind of lengthy conversation in game is a biiiiitch.

Anyway, we managed to get hold of the person who had instigated the whole thing, the leader of Alpoko, the person who wanted Mami pearled. He claimed that he approached someone he believed to be a part of the Commonwealth government, warned of Mami, and was told Mami would be considered pearl on sight. But not only did that information not reach us, but I also never found out if that story was true, whether it was ever verified.

Anyway, I stepped into high gear because we simply didn’t want people to just come and remove our citizens from Southshire on a whim, so we asked around, and found out that the Commonwealth government wouldn’t offer protection. But it was explained in such a way to seem like the Commonwealth wouldn’t intervene, but not necessary that we couldn’t either, and so we offered the protection that the federal government wouldn’t.

However, it was not lost on me the fact that we were part of a federal government, and a borough can’t just block a legal extradition just because it wants to. And so I went out of my way to seek Sashimii’s opinion on the matter, so he could rule whether or not our protection is legal. But you should note that while this was happening, misinformation on all sides was spreading, and it wasn’t helping that a few choice people within Southshire were conspiring to forcibly break Mami free. After a long and tiring night, the Commonwealth had scrambled together everyone even remotely in power to come to a decision on this, had taken Southshire’s opinion into account, and ruled that the extradition would be allowed on the condition (but not really, it’s weird) that the trial be more fair. iirc there was some condition about how a jury would be selected. There was a vote in the council, and the majority chose not to dissent, as in, not vocally oppose or grumble about the decision. It all seemed like it was done for now and so I went to sleep.

NOPE! The next day I woke up to a new argument. Custody. We had been talking and making agreements under the assumption that Mami’s pearl was being held by the Commonwealth government. However, with misinformation ever present, and those choice people being as loud and intimidating as ever, Alpoko and the Commonwealth had assumed that the pearl was being held in Southshire by the council, and that essentially Southshire had gone rogue. Yay. And that’s when Southshire (and me personally) began to receive, in earnest, a flood of insults both from Alpoko and the Commonwealth. All this drama, all this spite, was just because ThePayman stated that the pearl was his private property, and that he wants his own private conditions met (regardless of the deals made by the Commonwealth to Alpoko) otherwise he would not surrender the pearl. And because it’s his private property, he couldn’t be compelled to hand it over. But, you know, all Southshire’s fault… am I right guys?

And that’s when I received a message that stung in particular, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was prepared for the legal difficulties, it’s what made it so interesting and why I stepped up to the challenge. But the backlash and general rhetoric? I was woefully unprepared and it blind sighted me. I was cooperative throughout the whole thing, I was pleasant, polite, and serious. Just because I was trying to ensure that Mami received all the legal consideration he’s entitled to, doesn’t mean I wasn’t being cooperative. And so I posted the following within the councillor chat:

As other things are happening right now, I will keep this short and to the point. The peninsular that I have claimed has now split, legally speaking, from Southshire. It will not become another borough, nor is it claiming independence from the Commonwealth. It is becoming something akin to The City of London, not to be confused with London. And as such, I hereby formally rescind my council member status, and any roles that included or implied. I will transfer ownership of the Citadel groups of Southshire, as well as the website’s GitHub repository. I am formally dissociating myself with Southshire in order to live and build on my own, to be left alone.

The City of London, incase you are unaware, is a 1km square area within London that acts more like a country within the United Kingdom, than a London borough. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrObZ_HZZUc) Essentially, I wanted to be autonomous, but not have to faff around with being a fully fledged borough. It’s similar to creating a borough, instead of having to faff around with being a fully fledged nation. I just wanted it a level deeper.

Didn’t receive any resistance from the council, because after all, I had already built there, I was a co-founder and an ex-councillor, so in their opinion I had every right to claim a little piece of land for my own. And it is little, people have stated that many times. My title even became Lord Mayor of Oakhurst to further solidify the connection to the City of London.

Anyway, everything was fine for a while until JC, the councillor who was elected to replace me, decided to step down for one reason or another. It should be noted that JC also stepped down with a big statement which created a new department with him as deputy. So it’s not like such things are exclusive to me.

If I was honest with myself, I was over the drama caused by the trial. I had time to cool and gain perspective. And so when I saw his statement, I instantly knew what it meant, and I asked Sam and Eddie whether I should just rejoin the council, and they said yes. But of course, it’s not that simple, as Eddie had already said in chat just moments before that it would be an election. And so even though there was no constitution at the time, so no rules on how to appoint a councillor, I said that if they wanted me, they could have me. But they decided to go with an election, saying that because JC was elected it’s only right to do so now too, which I guess is fair enough. And so I had to run, but I knew I wouldn’t get in, because I’m not a people person, I’m not a good campaigner. I’m not good at keeping a smile on my face when I’m the only one in the campaign chat taking it seriously, while literally everyone else is spamming memes and tagging them with @everyone.

And that’s when Charlameme stepped in, because he saw a potential conflict of interest. Although he stated that he know I personally wouldn’t abuse my power (I had never done so before, and you know how I take things seriously) he saw the potential there for any future autonomous district of Southshire. He even began to meme, as you are now, that you’ll just create your own area. And so after about an hour or so in the voice chat, I made the following agreement:

As I am unable to simultaneously hold the position of Councillor and Lord Mayor of Oakhurst, this is my statement on how that would be resolved. If elected, the autonomous district of Oakhurst, where I am the sole resident and owner of, will be encapsulated into Southshire proper. All Oakhurst laws, building codes, criminal codes, and other miscellaneous government enactments, will be placed on hold, to no longer be legally binding or enforceable. The land of Oakhurst will become my personal private property within Southend, with all the protections that includes under law. Oakhurst shall remain in this state until such time where I leave, or are otherwise removed from the council, whereby Oakhurst returns to its previous state and I am reinstated as its sole owner and leader.

It should be noted that this statement only becomes binding once the council votes to legitimise it, and then being elected into the council. If only one of the two occur, or happens in the wrong order, the statement becomes null and void. It is also not my intention for my statement to set a precedent, instead I would ask to keep any future agreements on how to resolve conflicts of interest on a case by case basis.

Quite an interesting conversation, I do love this law stuff. But anyway, as you can imagine, I got outvoted. Heavily outvoted. Not even my fellow co-founder voted for me. Can’t remember the final results exactly, but I believe it was 9:2. And remember, this wasn’t me just being a citizen and running, this was me as a co-founder, and a previous council member. I thought I had done my job well, that people would want me back, but apparently not. I wasn’t angry, or frustrated, or filled with spite, more just stunned at what it meant. Taking it all into consideration, I realised it’s probably best not to pursue it any longer, to be less of an influence. So then I wrote this statement:

Congratulations Calum on becoming councillor-elect, I wish you well in your duty. I am not wanting to steal your thunder, but in light of my loss, I need to make a few announcements, which require some context.

  1. When I originally left the council, I stated that I would formally disassociate myself from Southshire in order to be left alone, that is to say, no longer play a role in Southshire’s politics. However, I have remained (of my own free will I will admit) a key influencer of and benefactor to Southshire. I have spearheaded the constitution, the website, as well as providing advice and design critique, and general Discord organisation. But these things are most definitely the roles of the council, and as this election has shown, I am not a council member.

  2. From its creation, Oakhurst has had a fuzzy existence, at least in terms of its legal standing, especially with the lack of any formal declaration, constitution, or treaty that comprehensively defines its existence, and its relationship with Southshire. My original intention with Oakhurst was to have somewhere close to Southshire, legally and regionally speaking, but operate as a borough without actually being a borough, by being an autonomous district of Southshire instead. I guess my vague statements comparing it to the City of London, or the relationship between the Commonwealth and its boroughs, have not been particularly helpful. All the same, Oakhurst will now be completing its separation from Southshire, transforming it from an autonomous district of Southshire to just another borough within the Commonwealth.

I will close up now, and I am sorry if this seems drastic, but this is something I knew I would have to write as soon as I realised it would be an election and entered my name. The people, as well as my fellow co-founder have declared their preference for someone else, which means that it’s probably a good idea to just move on and let Southshire do its thing. It’s been fun, guys.

I wanted to make laws, it’s a new found joy that’s mentally stimulating and fun. I saw it as if I can’t find it in Southshire, the my little district can become a borough and I can do it anyway. And that’s exactly what it has been for me, I’ve been creating a constitution for Oakhurst, I have created a government building, and am actively trying to establish it as a borough, as a place that people might want to live and build, and it’s reminding me of Southshire pre-Sam. If you look on ccmap.github.io and focus on Southshire, you’ll see it’s pretty old. I can highlight two structure that Eddie built, his house and his pagoda. I built literally everything else. And this is pre-remodel, where I did like 95% of that work as well (although Eddie supplied pretty nicely on both accounts.) I am used to creating boroughs from the ground up on my own.

Oakhurst was created out of exasperation and the desire to escape the drama and rhetoric of being a representative. Oakhurst was borough-ified so that I can do what I play Minecraft to do despite the election. There is no spite, or sadness, just a desire to do my own thing. I was pushed to do so by certain events, yes, but I probably would have done so anyway. I used to have a house in the town centre (where the arena is now), but demolished it to create my “soap coloured palace” because even then, before Mami’s trial, I had an urge to do more of my own thing. I’m a loner, I’m like that.

Even if you still think it’s silly, then you can do that. I’ll probably mute you, but that probably won’t change much for you. All the same, this is the truth, or as close to it as I know.